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A realização de uma antiga aspiração
Swami Nirmalatmananda

The Ramakrishna Vedanta Rio de Janeiro Center will become a Center directly affiliated with the Ramakrishna Order in India. We were approved! This is an extraordinary grace from Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ma and Swami Vivekananda.

Through Swami Nirmalatmananda's initiatives, recently the advisers of the Ramakrishna Order Headquarters in India approved our request to become an independent Center with a resident Swami.

Swami Atmajnananda has been appointed head of our Ramakrishna Vedanta Rio de Janeiro Center. He is a senior monk endowed with much sweetness, extensive experience in spiritual matters and serving the Order.

The Vedanta movement not only in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but throughout our state and country will be dynamized and will be able to expand more vigorously, in addition to having a permanent channel of dialogue and cooperation with other religious, philosophical and action groups community.

The challenges and opportunities are many right now and our group needs to be able to support a resident Swami meeting all the needs demanded by this new mission.
There is great space for the expansion of the message of Sri Guru Maharaj and Vedanta in the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro.

Only those who live for others truly live.

~Swami Vivekananda~

Swami Vivekananda


Shanti (Mrs. Cordélia de Jesus) - well-deserving pioneer of Vedanta in Brazil, who made possible the acquisition of the house in the Ashrama of St. Teresa in Rio.

 Swami! I have a dream to see something concrete realized for Vedanta in Rio de Janeiro with a resident monk helping the aspirants here with the strength of his constant presence. This will be wonderful and I am ready to donate what I have to make this dream come true!

~ Cordélia de Jesus ~ 

Take part in this historic moment for Vedanta in Rio

Swami Atmajnananda
With great dedication, our Swami Nirmalatmananda is leading the work fronts to renovate our Center to welcome the first resident monk of the ashrama of St. Teresa: Swami Atmajnananda.

Visualizing the need for a new space for permanent Swami residence, a new house was purchased, partly by donations and partly by financial loan.                               

In addition, the old building of the Center (dated 1865) is undergoing a major renovation. Any collaboration will be very welcome, as there is still a lot to be done.
It is a great joy for all of us to be able to participate in this very important moment.
Join us in this historic initiative!

Find out more about Vedanta in Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio de Janeiro known as the Marvelous City due to the thousand natural charms with which God has blessed it: beaches of heavenly blue, crystalline waterfalls, verdant mountains splashed with the multicolored hues of flowering ipe trees, home to the largest urban forest of the world, pulsating in its heart, with exuberant fauna and flora extending throughout the Atlantic Forest.
Rio, as we affectionately call it, was the country's former capital and is considered one of the most charming cities in the world due to the strong appeal of its nature.
Home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the “Christ the Redeemer” receives millions of tourists every year and has one of the biggest festivities in the world: the "Revellion of Copacabana" where around 3 million people attend in a single night. It has a population of around 8 million inhabitants. Currently, Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the state of the same name.
Called the Mecca of world football tradition, the city has all the attractions in its highly concentrated form, capable of delighting anyone on earth and in heaven. Considered a cultural capital with innovative music, art, culture and literature, it has a special flavor for all palates.
The first meetings, in 1957, were held in the apartment of the couple Inah and Rogério Pfaltzgraff, in Copacabana.
The Ramakrishna Vedanta Movement in Rio de Janeiro began in 1957 when Swami Vijoyananda, disciple of Swami Brahmananda, was invited by a group of interested parties to give some lectures in our Marvelous City.
Swami Vijoyananda resided in Buenos Aires and every year he visited Brazil for approximately one month, dividing his time between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
A private Vedanta study group was then started, whose members are known today as "Os Pioneiros".
Apart from the studies of Vedanta conducted and guided by Swami, the group also developed social service activities for needy families.
This small group built an ashram located in a beautiful farm in the Jacarépaguá district between 1960 and 1970, which had a temple, meeting hall and residential rooms. The place was visited by Swami Ritajananda - head of the Paris ashram.
Upon Swami's death in 1973, the Ramakrishna Order appointed Swami Vijoyananda's successor to Swami Paratparananda. There was then a break for reasons of opposition to this designation by a group of devotees led by Mr Delphin who considered himself the natural leader of Vedanta in Rio de Janeiro.
The members who continued steadfastly in the wonderful work of the Ramakrishna Order withdrew, leaving behind the beautiful farm they had helped to build, ready to start again with great enthusiasm and energy.
Mrs. Cordelia de Jesus gave up her apartment in the Laranjeiras neighborhood so that the group could meet. At this time Swami Paratparananda visited the group annually for a few days.
For years on end this small apartment has been visited by great monks and nuns who stayed from a few days to entire weeks in our city, lifting our spirits and reviving the spirit of Vedanta in the city. 
Swami Nirmalatmananda giving a lecture in our ashram.
In 1999, the group of devotees in São Paulo received its first resident monk: our dear Swami Nirmalatmananda, who has been leading the Vedanta Movement throughout Brazil.
Swami began to visit our city frequently, where he stayed in a small one-bedroom apartment where he gave witty interviews to aspirants. Swami also gave lectures and arati ceremony at the residence of Mrs. Cordelia de Jesus.
The number of devotees gradually increased, resources increased, and the apartment was sold to buy the house where the center currently operates.
Swami has been applying the works of the Ramakrishna Order throughout the Brazilian territory, transmitting strength and inspiration to countless people who are engaging in Vedanta with great sincerity and motivation.
Our house was built in 1865 (contemporary of Sri Ramakrishna) and is preserved by the Historic Heritage of the City of Rio de Janeiro. It has about 5300 sq.ft of built-up area, with a small garden on both sides, and parking for 6 cars in the back. There is a beautiful bell tree in the garden that is sapling from a tree planted by Swami Vivekananda himself.
The center has a conference hall with an average capacity of 80 people, a temple with a capacity of 50 people, a small dining room, kitchen, office, pantry, 4 bathrooms and three bedrooms, one of which is a suite.
The group is vibrant, full of life, with a wonderful music group called "Gadhai Group" that sings the arati hymns, some bhajams and other songs of a devotional nature. Every year new people arrive wanting to know about Vedanta.
In 2006 the group became an official subcenter of downtown São Paulo.
Articles of incorporation of our institution - first page

We are a non-profit institution legally incorporated and affiliated with the Ramakrishna Order in India.

Our bylaws have well-defined rules.
Annual general meetings are held annually, periodic election of office holders, presentation of accounts, etc.

Our annual accounts are audited, the balance is drawn up and presented to members and the government.


Whenever Swami visits the Center, the ashrama becomes very vibrant. There are public lectures on weekends with an average frequency of 60 and 80 participants. Every Sunday we have a study meeting followed by Arati and meditation. On Mondays, before arati, we have the singing of Shiva Mahimnam Stotram. Even on weekdays, at night, satsangas attract a good number of people among members and new visitors. Personal interviews, relaxed conversations at the dinner table make the atmosphere of the ashrama very special. Small-scale social work is also carried out. When Swami is not present, the group meets two days a week. The music group (Gadai Group) is one of the best and makes things very alive and fresh.

So many good things happen in this place...

Satsanga, lectures, studies

Come join our meetings to study spiritual themes and live together in the ashrama. On Sundays, studies on various topics related to spirituality, spiritual songs, joint meditation, arati ceremonial and a snack.

When we receive a visit from Swamis of the Ramakrishna Order, we have special question and answer meetings during the week, and on Sundays the usual studies are talks given by the Swamis with very uplifting themes.

Spiritual counseling

When Swami Nirmalatmananda visits, private spiritual counseling meetings can be arranged in advance. People interested in receiving counseling are asked to first meet Swami and have participated in some meetings in our Center. Empathy with Swami and our ideals is a very relevant point.

Meditation and Arati

 In the Sunday satsangas, after the study session, those who wish can head to the temple where a simple light ceremony will be held in thanks for the gift of life (Arati) followed by a collective meditation. During the opening chant of the ceremony a sacramental fire is offered to the participants who place their hands towards the light of the flames, "carrying" this light to the head and heart. This activity lasts around 50 minutes. Staying in the temple is free: people can leave at any time.

Devotional music

Music is a very special note in our Ashrama. At all meetings, music is present, but it is on Sundays and special events that much more time is dedicated to it. Our musical group is very vibrant and is called Grupo de Música Gadai. A tribute to Sri Ramakrishna's nickname as a child.

Meetings with knowledge

Vedanta encourages the encounter between Science and Spirituality. We have special meetings where scientists, professors and scholars can present scientific topics of great interest, weaving their connections with spiritual knowledge. These activities are sporadic, being scheduled during regular meetings and posted to our direct mail.

Voluntary service

 Our Center is maintained thanks to the voluntary engagement of its members. These special activities are carried out in the spirit of integration or Yoga. It is a great opportunity to practice selfless service by taking care of the garden, cooking, cleaning and preserving the Center's facilities, welcoming visitors, as well as administrative tasks.                                                              


The charming neighborhood of Santa Teresa where our Ashrama is located:

​The Project

The project: A Permanent Swami for the Ashrama of Rio is divided into three work fronts of utmost importance for its realization. Donations can be made for the project as a whole or its specific fronts:

Acquisition of Swami's Residence
​"Shanti Nivas"
BRL 610,000.00

"Shanti Nivas" is a new house measuring 146 m2, with 1 suite with terrace, 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, 1 bathroom and laundry area.
The construction is on two floors and will serve as the residence of the resident Swami, in addition to other activities of the Center.
The house is located at Rua Pintora Djanira number 22 in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, very close to the Ashrama at Rua Paula Matos, 162, Santa Teresa.

Ashrama Renovation and Renovation
​R$ 120.000,00

The building of the ashram dates back to 1865. It is a preserved building that, by force of law, cannot be altered. In the last few years since its acquisition, we have had serious problems with leaks in the walls and roof. In this year of 2021, we are carrying out an extensive renovation to solve these recurring problems: external and internal waterproofing, painting the entire property, placing a blanket on the roof, repairing the wall, renovating the temple and rooms, among others.

Renewal of Communication  Resources 
R$ 25.000,00

 Due to our changing status and the arrival of a resident Swami, our entire communication infrastructure needs updating: microphones, speakers, internet signal routers, overhead projectors, projection screen, film cameras and computer. The objective is to allow the transmission of the lectures over the internet and to have a communication technology that is more appropriate for everyone's comfort.

The permanent Swami residence 

Ashrama renovation works

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Status Report


Centro Ramakrishna Vedanta Rio de Janeiro

Follow-up report on contributions received for the Project
A Permanent Swami to Rio de Janeiro
Values in Brazilian Reais (BRL)
Acquisition of the New House (Shanti Novas)             R$ 610.000,00R$ 250.000,00
Ashrama Reforms and Revitalization R$ 120.000,00R$ 70.000,00 
Communication Infrastructure
 R$ 25.000,00

Get up, wake up and don't stop until the goal is reached.

~ Swami Vivekananda~

Swami Vivekananda


We will be happy to answer your questions.


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